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November 2016 - Read feature article in Soundings Magazine.

August 30, 2012 – Beginning in 2003 CH Marine abandoned the use of big block gasoline V-8s in their 38’ Shelter Island Runabout in favor of the more fuel efficient Yanmar 6LPA 315 hp diesels. In doing so some of the hotrod aspect of the Runabout was lost. Sure the 315’s could push the Runabout to a similar cruise speed as that of the big blocks but the thrill of running at over 50 mph was lost.

Enter the new twin-turbo Yanmar 8LV V8 diesel engines. With 370 hp each on tap our first runs with the new engines yielded a top speed of 52.5 mph!

What was even more impressive was unheard of fuel economy across a broad range of speeds. Forget those other boats that boast of impressive fuel use figures; the Shelter Island Runabout running the Yanmar 8LV’s is the new standard for best in class fuel economy and performance.

RPM Speed KTS Nautical MPG Speed MPH Statute MPG GPH Range NM
1500 11.4 2.9 13.1 3.4 3.9 585
2000 19.5 2.8 22.4 3.2 6.9 565
2500 26.5 2.2 30.5 2.6 11.8 449
3000 33.0 1.9 38 2.2 17.6 375
3400 36.9 1.5 42.5 1.7 24.4 302
3880 45.6 1.5 52.5 1.7 31.3 291

As an added bonus, the Yanmar 8LV’s are noticeably quieter and smoother running with reduced vibration at all throttle settings.

Available in both 320 hp and 370 hp versions, the new engines are Tier 3 compliant, meeting the next round of US Environmental Protection Agency standards for marine engines.

Billy Joel's Boat Maker Has Launched More Than 50 Yachts

SHELTER ISLAND – Peter Needham has been in the boat business for 38 years, but it wasn't until the mid-1980s that he tried his hand at boat making. Soon after, Needham was fielding requests from people who wanted a sailboat just like the one he built.

CH Marine, a semi-custom yacht building company, has two models: the 38-foot Shelter Island Runabout and the 30-foot Shelter Island Nomad.

Needham built four boats for Billy Joel, including one named after Joel's daughter and another used to commute between Long Island and Manhattan.

CH Marine has weathered the recession and is now experiencing increasing demand.

Shelter Island Yachts are featured in a new book by Nathalie and Ted Sann called Made in New York, Handcrafted Works by Master Artisans

CH Marine NewsThere is a burgeoning movement afoot, a return to the art of making things by hand. A growing group of aware and committed people are seeking out high-quality handmade goods, and New York is at the forefront of this renaissance.

This book takes the reader into the studios of master artisans in fields such as glassblowing, masonry, and wood carving as well as hat making, embroidery, yacht building and calligraphy. It provides the ultimate sourcebook for objects with real character—whether for renovating the home, re-creating a look from the past, searching for a one-of-a-kind gift, or restoring a beloved antique. The reader will discover hidden gems such as hand-turned ceramic bowls, tables made from a single piece of wood, baskets fashioned from rare black ash, and hand-blocked wallpaper. The trades people profiled here have reached a level of expertise attained only through years of practice. These professionals are obsessive about quality and are driven by a profound passion for their work. Most of them toil in obscurity and normally can be found only through word of mouth—until now.

30' Nomad Hardtop Launched

CH Marine events  

MILESTONE REACHED: CH Marine Celebrates Launching Shelter Island Runabout Hull #50







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